Assembly instructions for Pi-Pan Kit

Before you begin the Pi-Pan assembly, install the required software and bring the Servos to Neutral Position.


To install software on Raspberry Pi, follow instructions from this page.

Run script to neutral the servos:

python ./


Familiarise with the included mount parts

  •     A - Pi-Camera Mount Plate
  •     B - Tilt Servo Mount Plate
  •     C - Front Servo Mount Plate
  •     D - Rear Servo Mount Plate

Familiarise with the included screws

Screw-WScrew W - 2 5/16” Screws with collar, (to fasten servos to plate C/D) in each servo ziplock.

Screw-XScrew X - 1 No-1 1/4”, (to fasten Servo horn to Servo shaft), in each servo ziplock

Screw-VScrew V - 2 No-2 5/16” Screws (to fasten plate A to B) in small ziplock.

Screw Y - 2 No-1 3/16” screws, (to fasten camera to plate A), in small ziplock.

Screw Z - 4 No-0 3/16”, (to fasten servo horns to plate B/base), in small ziplock.

note servo wire configurationNote that while mounting servos, the Front mount plate (plate C) is on the side of servo wires, as in adjacent picture.

Attach the mount plates C and D to one of the servos and fasten the servo screws (W),(do not overtighten).

Attach the second servo, and fasten servo screws (W).

fold the wires U-Turn the wires at the rectangular holes on plate (do not insert through those holes).

tuck the wiresTuck the servo wires through the holding slit on the mount plate D. The Servo head assembly is ready now.

We will be using adjacent horns for the servos. You should find it in your servo ziplock bag. (Remaining horns are not used).

Affix horn plateAffix the horn to Plate B as shown below, use screws (Z). Ensure to affix horn on White side of Plate B.

Mount cameraFasten 2 (Y) screws to plate A in the corner holes, as shown.

Before you place the camera board, make pilot thread by just using the screw. (tighten the screw fully and remove it).
While you tighten with actual camera board, cover the camera board circuit to prevent accidental damage from run-away screwdriver.

Attach cameraAttach mount plate B to plate A as below, and fasten with screws (V), do not over-tighten.

where to attach cameraNote the servo on which the camera head will be mounted (Orange arrow).

assembly is readyEnsure that you have neutralized servo position before this step.
Attach the horn of Camera head to servo shaft and fasten using screw (X).

Pan-Tilt assembly is now ready to mount on target platform.

Follow the instructions here to mount it on the target.